Tessa Violet – Crush (2018)

For some reason I was convinced I’ve written about Tessa Violet on here before but it appears that I was wrong. I’m so damn sure of it though, this is tripping me the fuck out. The EP she released in 2016 named Halloway was among my favourite releases of that year (#9 on my Best of… list that year if I’m correct) and I started highly anticipating a full-length release from Tessa because let’s be real five songs is not enough from this gal. There’s a weird disconnect between me and the subject of Tessa’s music most of the time. … Continue reading Tessa Violet – Crush (2018)

Panic! at the Disco – Pray for the Wicked (2018)

I’m going to try something new out that I’ve planned for Tessa Violet‘s debut LP in August but now that I’m here and plan to listen to two new releases today I might as well give it a god now and see how it turns out. I’ll technically liveblog my first listen of the album and then give a review on the second listen as sort of a First Impression review. I can totally see this not working to the point where I take down the review and write a proper one later but as I like to say, I’m … Continue reading Panic! at the Disco – Pray for the Wicked (2018)

Panic! at the Disco – High Hopes (2018)

It mayhaps be a little silly to write a review for a single from an album that comes out in two days especially if I don’t actually want to say anything constructive but 1) I still want to hype up this song and 2) do I ever do anything other than talk without a good reason? Also hey, welcome to the new blog theme, I hope you guys like it. I’m really pushing for the little TV/CD/controller creature to be the branding of this blog. They’re called ARO I hope you like them ♥ BACK TO THE SONG I realise … Continue reading Panic! at the Disco – High Hopes (2018)