Monthly Playlist: September

This month was weird. Let’s not discuss it. >> Listen to it on Spotify << Listen… I… when August ended I thought I would finally be able to listen to something that wasn’t BTS and even though I partially managed to, I… it’s still not exactly what I was hoping for. Uh, let’s just get to it, you’ll see. Gabbie Hanna: Honestly Nothing But Thieves: Forever & Ever More Twenty One Pilots: Levitate Twenty One Pilots: My Blood (G)-IDLE: Latata Monsta X: Livin’ It Up BIGFLO: Upside Down Hozier: Nina Cried Power (feat. Mavis Staples) EXO: Monster Agust D: Give It … Continue reading Monthly Playlist: September

TellTale Games News

Well, this is a sad day and it didn’t even happen today. As of yesterday, TellTale Games confirmed it’s laid off a huge majority of its staff (~250 people, according to laid off employees) as it’s slowly closing down after finishing up its contracts or whatever they still have to do with only a skeleton crew. According to TTG CEO Pete Hawley‘s announcement “sales” seem to be biggest cause of this impending studio shutdown, but many employees on twitter expressed that they have seen this coming in many of the awful decisions the studio execs have made (including but not limited … Continue reading TellTale Games News

Life Is Strange 2 (launch trailer)

Believe it or not I wanted to write about the announcement trailer when it came out. And then I didn’t. Well, I started and then I abandoned the post. Life is Strange was one of the best gaming experiences of 2015 for me and it’s… actually crazy that it’s been three years since it came out, dear god. For all of its flaws (and it had plenty), the game was an interesting little story with some really great characters (and many less great characters), a weird timey-wimey superpower (which was its selling point for me), a bitchin’ soundtrack, an edgy/cringey teen … Continue reading Life Is Strange 2 (launch trailer)

Panic! at the Disco – High Hopes (music video)

I originally wasn’t going to write about this video because it’s nothing showstopping or legendary; I actually had to watch it in two parts even though it’s only three minutes long. It’s not that it’s bad it’s just nothing special. But then I watched the ending and I had this thought I wanted to share which is not spectacular or anything but you know… thissssmyblog, I do whatever I want y’all. As I’ve talked about the song before where I mentioned it reminds me of one of my all time favourite Panic! songs, Hallelujah, and how that’s not a bad thing at … Continue reading Panic! at the Disco – High Hopes (music video)

Nothing But Thieves – Forever & Ever More (2018)

If you’re like me and you wish Nothing But Thieves released something new every year you’re in luck for the time being. Following last year’s phenomenal sophomore release, Broken Machine, the boys went off to a massive world tour (one station of which I actually got to see) which they’ll soon finish off with a show in Poland then “go to sleep for a while”, according to singer Conor Mason. I half-listened to their BBC Radio1 interview in which the band talked about how their record company pretty much asked them recently if they had anything new to release and so they … Continue reading Nothing But Thieves – Forever & Ever More (2018)